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Shelly Perry Design strives to be a resource for those who wish to have highly customized art, design and finishes in their home or business.

Whether creating an individual piece of functional art or staging property for sale, I can create a unique statement for your environment and your needs.

Our Story

I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy and benefit from well-designed and crafted work and whether for pure enjoyment or out of necessity, beauty, balance and utility have a place for all.

Education and awareness are the first steps to realizing the possibilities.

My projects have included original designs, re-cycled and up-cycled furniture utilizing found objects, painting; featuring faux finishes, custom paint finishes and complete home renovations. 

No detail is too small. Everything from thresholds to door handles, hinges and vent covers are meticulously detailed.

I have studied technique through art schools and with private instruction.

I do consider myself to be “self taught” as my passion has driven my desire to create.  I feel that I have always customized my training to suit my particular artistic interests. My love of fine art and craft has influenced my work with functional design pieces as well as with interior design.

My canvas has been the world and objects around me. Driven by necessity and a desire to bring fine art finishes into my home I have cultivated techniques and learned how to hone my process to share with others.

Integrating form and function with a focus on craftsmanship, originality and a visually pleasing aesthetic has become my mission for my clients and myself.

Relationship building and an atmosphere of partnership enable the creative process to yield highly individualized pieces and unique spaces for clients.